Open Gym

Open Gym during peak hours!

If you have a specific goal in mind like increasing your strength or wish to focus on your aerobic capacity… Maybe you are looking to improve some skills and desire time to work on certain progressions, or you are an athlete who follows individualized programing or are preparing for an event?  Open Gym will be the perfect environment for you. It will allow you the freedom to put in extra time required to achieve these goals.

Open Gym is a ‘hands-off’ environment where attendees are expected to have a solid grasp on their training goals and only need basic refinements on the movements that they’re working on.

We advice attendees to NOT attend Open Gym until they have completed at least SIX months of consistent training in group classes. The concept of an ‘Open Gym’ includes no formal group classes.  All the ‘hands-on’ attention and thoughtful programming can be experienced during Surfside Fit Co. group classes.

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